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Application of PTFE Adhesive Tape in Rubber Industry

Here is the application of PTFE adhesive tape in rubber industry:

(1) Ensure complete demoulding and low scrap rate in large quantities;

(2) It is easy to demould and increase labor intensity;

(3) There will be no glue particles on the mold, and there is no need to shut down the mold to clear the mold, which greatly improves the production efficiency and reduces the mold consumption and power consumption;

(4) The outer light of the finished product is average, which greatly improves the product quality;

(5) PTFE coating has excellent adhesion, is not easy to fall off, and is extremely durable.

Advantages of PTFE adhesive tape for shoe molds:

1. It can be easily removed from the mold to avoid glue particles on the mold;

2. No release agent is needed to avoid affecting the consequences of pasting and purifying the environment;

3. Matte rubber outsole, uniform color;

4. Reduce the signs of multi-color rubber background color mixing;

5. The Phylon (secondary vulcanization) mold does not need to be pre-coated with soapy water to reduce purification;

6. A large number of low scrap rate;

7. The coating life is more than 4500 times;

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