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How to Repair Damaged PTFE High Temperature Cloth

PTFE high temperature cloth is a kind of widely used industrial composite material, and the largest usage of it is in the demoulding industry, because it has excellent wear resistance, anti-adhesion and high temperature resistance. Although PTFE high temperature cloth used in the demoulding industry can improve the quality of rubber or plastic and improve the production efficiency of enterprises, many enterprises scratch the surface of high temperature cloth carelessly when they use it. Therefore, we must have a suitable scheme to repair it, so that it can play the most effective role in the demoulding industry. Here we will provide you with several repair schemes.

1. The damaged part of PTFE high temperature cloth should be polished and smoothed, and the scope of the damaged part should be marked with a marking pen. Then the damaged part should be polished with a professional angle grinder equipped with a tungsten steel grinding disc with moderate abrasiveness until the surface of the damaged part shows a certain radian without protrusion.

2. Brush the adhesive. Clean the buffed surface with alcohol, and then brush the adhesive. Wait until it is sticky slightly but will not adhere to the back of the finger. Imported Kevrab should be used if the damage area is too large.

3. Stick the high temperature cloth piece. Try to avoid wrapping in air when bonding the damaged part with the high temperature cloth. Then use the thermocompression bonder to compact the surface of the high temperature cloth and discharge the air bubbles.

The above three solutions are provided by Jiangsu Mutiflon Hi-Tech Co.,Ltd. for you to repair the partially damaged PTFE high temperature cloth. We hope that demoulding enterprises can use the methods reasonably, orderly and safely. The repair methods not only reduce the production cost of enterprises, but also make contribution to the construction of an energy-saving and environment-friendly society.

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