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MUTIFLON Improve Performance of Tortilla Belt

The tortilla press belt is always used in the harsh environments because the grease or oil content is very high, normal PTFE tortilla belt is not oil proof enough and factories need to change belt in a short time. 

In order to improve the service life of PTFE fiberglass cloth in the food field, MUTIFLON engineer finds ways to improve the performance of coating emulsion by changing some molecular structure of PTFE resin with adding special food-grade additive. Coating with this special PTFE emulsion, the oil permeability of final PTFE coated fabric is highly improved and in the meantime keeps its high strength property, nonstick property, and temperature resistance property. This material can be a long time used under temperature to 300℃.

Improve Performance of Tortilla Belt

Our typical color of this premium tortilla press material is blue and red. Different tortilla equipment may need a different size of belt, thus we always customize designs according to customers’ drawings. The most important for tortilla belt customizing is the joint part, the joint part need to be smooth to avoid seam markings on tortillas. MUTIFLON also makes special treatment on the belt for some tortilla equipment that has a registration device in order to control the belt running and keep away from pressing on the joint part.

 Improve Performance of Tortilla Belts

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