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ETFE Adhesive Tape

ETFE Adhesive Tape

ETFE adhesive tape, help to repair PTFE architecture membrane structure

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ETFE Adhesive Tape

The Details of ETFE Adhesive Tape

ETFE adhesive tape is a kind of ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer, it is transparent film without fabric substrate. Elongation rate of this film can reach 420% to 440%. The transmittance spectrum of ETFE film (commonly known as soft glass) is similar to that of glass. The surface of the ETFE film material is specially treated and coated with a layer of silicone pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side to make it into self-adhesive tape.

The Advantages of ETFE Adhesive Tape

  • Light transmission spectrum of ETFE film tape is basically the same as glass, with high ultraviolet light transmittance , and visible light transmittance >95%.

  • Temperature for long-term use is -70℃~150℃.

  • Film is with Class B1 flame retardant

  • Good chemical stability and corrosion resistance.

  • Ultimate tensile strength is above 40MPa, the film is elastic when tensile strength is lower than 20MPa, it is folding with good tear resistance.

  • Excellent weather resistance, its mechanical properties remain the same in long-term exposure test.

  • Quality guarantee period of ETFE film is 10 years, and the actual service life can exceed 20 years.

  • Smooth surface, dust free and erosion resistant, has good self-cleaning properties in rain.

  • Good resistance to hail impact toughness.

The Specifications of ETFE Adhesive Tape



Adhesion to Steel




Tensile Strength Warp/Weft


Visible Light Transmittance(%)


Elasticity/Crease Recovery


Self-cleaning Retention Period



Mechanical Retention Period



The Applications of ETFE Adhesive Tape

For ETFE architecture membrane structure repairs

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