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toaster oven conveyor belt

Roundup Toaster Conveyor Belt

Roundup Toaster Conveyor Belt, food-grade and anti-slip, offers release surface while gripping the bun

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toaster oven conveyor belt
toast conveyor belt
conveyor belt toaster for home

The Details of Roundup Toaster Conveyor Belt

Toaster belts are specially designed for fast food service restaurants like Subway, used in Roundup VCT series and A J Antunes commercial high-speed vertical toasters. This toaster belt is structured by woven glass fiber fabric coated with silicone which is non-toxic and food grade. The material offers temperature resistance and an anti-slippery and non-stick surface. Silicone toaster belt has a wavy tread system on one side helps the belt to grip the bun throughout the toasting process, in order to provide the precise amount of heat and time desired.


The Advantages of Roundup Toaster Conveyor Belt

  • Withstand high-temperature reach to 260℃(550℉)

  • Anti-slip and nonstick surface, easy cleaning

  • Flexible and easy to install

  • UV, IR and HF resistant

  • Wear resistance and long lifetime

  • Food grade material, FDA complaint, touch food directly

  • Resistant to oil, grease and chemicals

  • Easily cleaned

  • Wear resistance, long time use

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PTFE Release Sheet

Mutiflon also provides PTFE release sheet which is in high-speed vertical bun toasting, the typical color of this release sheet is black on one side and silver on the other side, we customize the sheet with loops in desired size and shapes in order to fit the toaster for easy installation. The sheet offers nonstick surface and low friction, can be reused for several times.

         Roundup Toaster Conveyor Belt

Toaster Belt for HEBT 5V


Standard Sizes of Roundup Toaster Conveyor Belt

Toaster ModelBelt Size
RoundupVCT-1000 Series11.25" x 30.25"28,58 x 76,84 cm
VCT-2000 Series
VCT-250 VCT-20CV
VCT-20 Deluxe
VCT-2000 Sonic
Prince CastleTX-20812.25" x 33.75"31,12 x 85,73 cm
Other common sizes4.5" x 34.875"11,43 x 88,58 cm
8.875" x 28.875"22,54 x 73,34 cm
12.25" x 33.75"31,12 x 85,73 cm

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