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Thermal Insulation Cloth

Thermal Insulation Fabrics

Thermal insulation fabrics, flexible and dust free and chemical resistant, ideal to make into removable insulation jacket

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Thermal Insulation Cloth
Thermal Insulation Clothing
Thermal Insulation Clothing

The Details of Thermal Insulation Fabrics

Thermal insulation fabrics are made of quality glass cloth which is weaved in stain way, then coated one side or both sides with special formulated PTFE to make it chemical corrosion resistant, flame retardant and high heat resistant. PTFE Coated Glass Cloth is typically used as out layer of removable insulation jacket and insulation blanket, pipelines are always carrying hot water or chemicals, thus the insulation jacket is required to withstand harsh industrial environment. Standard color of this material is gray, blue and black, thickness include 16.5oz, 18oz.


The Advantage of Thermal Insulation Fabrics

  • Resistant to high heat between -73-315 ℃(-100-600℉)

  • High adhesion of PTFE to fiberglass

  • Water, oil and chemical exposure capability

  • Low friction and abrasion resistant

  • Dust free and non-stick surface, easy-clean

  • Non flammable, safe for chemical industry

  • Energy saving

  • Durable and long lifetime

  • Reduce maintenance costs

  • Easy sewn, can be customized to any size of insulation jacket

Insulation jacket structure

  • Inner Layer: 16.5oz Fiberglass Cloth Coated with PTFE (or Silicone)

  • Outer Layer: 16.5oz Fiberglass Cloth Coated with PTFE (or Silicone)

  • Insulation Core: 2 inch Thick, 4# Density Hi-Temp Fiberglass Mat

  • Sewing Thread: PTFE thread

  • Attachments: Belts with Stainless Steel D-rings and Velcro Hooks & Flaps

  • Terminal Ends: Glass Cloth Coated with PTFE with Nomex Draw Cords

  • Tag: 304 Stainless Steel Embossed Lettering

The Specification of Thermal Insulation Fabrics

Item Code





Tensile Strength

Temperature resist





560 g/m2

2400/2000 N/5cm





620 g/m2

3500/2400 N/5cm

9038S Anti static



560 g/m2

2800/2200 N/5cm

The Application of Thermal Insulation Fabrics

PTFE thermal insulation fabrics is designed to make removable insulation jacket for pipe lines, fitting, strainer, regulator, heater, steam traps, valves, flanges and pump. PTFE glass fabric is applied as insulation blanket or as the outer cover of this insulation jacket, the material is easy sewn, can be cut and stitched to customize various shapes of insulation jackets, this removable insulation covers are an effective, convenient, and low cost solution to reduce heat loss and lower energy bills. It prevents heat loss and protect employee from being hurt by using insulation jackets.

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