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PTFE Mesh Belt: Preferred Mesh Belt of Conveyor Production Enterprises

The  PTFE mesh belt has relatively high transparency and good circulation performance. As a new type of polymer material, PTFE mesh belt has special high wear resistance, tear resistance, high elasticity, high load bearing and other excellent properties. With the continuous promotion and development of industrial enterprises and civilian use, in order to improve the production capacity of products, various industries have successively adopted PTFE mesh belts for production operations to replace traditional mesh belts. 

PTFE mesh belt not only has the advantages of traditional plastic mesh belt, but also has the characteristics of low density and corrosion resistance. At the same time, it can better improve the performance of food conveying machinery and equipment, and thus better enhancing the toughness of the conveyor equipment, and can reduce the impact and abrasion resistance of the material on the food conveyor and drum when the material is produced and transported, and it also has good shock and abrasion resistance. 

Compared with mesh belts of other materials, PTFE has the characteristics of high production efficiency and low cost, which can better save production costs for manufacturers, and its cost is only one-tenth of that of stainless steel mesh belts. Polytetrafluoroethylene mesh belt has good resistance to strong acids and alkalis, and also has extremely stable chemical properties in terms of weak thermal conductivity.

The reason why PTFE mesh belt can be widely used is because of its best thermal insulation performance. Therefore, PTFE mesh belt with its own excellent performance, undoubtedly becomes the first choice conveyor equipment of various manufacturers.

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