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PTFE Sealing Belt

PTFE sealing belt also called two-ply belts are made of two layers of PTFE coated fabric, laminated and heat sealed together. Place the two layers of fabric staggered in order to ensure the entire belt in the same thickness after connecting two ends, thus PTFE laminated belt is also a kind of seamless belt, surface will be extremely smooth and virtually seamless. Laminated PTFE conveyor belt is always made by thin PTFE coated fabric like our MT9008AJ, MT9011AJ and MT9013AJ, it offers excellent release property, dimensional stability and high anti-tensile strength under temperature from -70°C to +260°C).

Main applications of PTFE belt is for fusing machines, tabber stringer machines and packaging machines, some machines require seamless belts in sizes are not able to make, then we will customize laminated belt to replace the seamless belt.

PTFE laminated belt for fusing machines: If the length of belt is less than double width of belt, then it is not able to make seamless, then Mutiflon will customize it into laminated belt which is almost as strong as seamless belt and without leaving marks when fusing press.

PTFE sealing belt for Tabber stringer machine: The belt is also called PTFE welding belt, which is laminated by one layer of 0.13mm black PTFE fabric and one layer of 0.13mm brown PTFE fabric, tabber stringer belt is specially designed for manufacturing of solar panels, different versions of hole lines can be customize accordingly to customer’s drawings.

PTFE sealing belt for packaging machines: Since the strength of laminated belt is much more higher than PTFE belt with joint, in order to enhance lifetime, some customers use laminated sealing belt instead of normal sealing band with joint, width of laminated belt for sealing is normally very narrow like 13mm, 25mm and 50mm.

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