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Tortilla Press Belt

Laminated PTFE conveyor belts are made of two pieces of PTFE fabrics laminated together by heat-press, the joint part is also in the same thickness as another part of the belt and strength of laminated belts is more than 3 times of that of PTFE belt joint type.

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The Details of Tortilla Press Belt

Tortilla press belt is made by high performance PTFE coated fabrics which are specifically designed for tortilla Industry. The Tortilla fabric is coated with PTFE in special process to improve its non-stick feature, abrasion resistance, and the most important oil and grease resistance which will help to extend its lifetime during tortilla stamping and conveying process. The belt is customized with suitable joints according to customer’s requests, the most important element of making this belt is the joint part which need to be smooth to avoid seam markings on tortillas while maximum strength. If the joint part isn’t treated specially, the belt may broken in one days or even several hours.

Tortilla press belt help you eliminate unscheduled downtime, decrease cost of ownership, and dramatically increase throughput, the belt can be specially fabricated to help the joint part keep way from pressing moment during running.

The Advantages of Tortilla Press Belt

  • Super smooth,non-stick

  • optimal heat transfer

  • Quick Release

  • Good abrasion resistant

  • High temperature resistant

  • Oil & Grease Resistant

  • Non-Absorption, no wicking

  • Food grade material

The Advantages of Tortilla Press Belt

The Specifications of Tortilla Press Belt

Product CodeStandard WidthThicknessWeightColor
9018 Tortilla500-10000.18367Brown/Blue/Maroon/Black
9020 Tortilla500-10000.2412Brown/Blue/Maroon/Black
9025 Tortilla500-10000.25492Brown/Blue/Maroon/Black
9026 Tortilla500-10000.26550Brown/Blue/Maroon/Black
9028 Tortilla500-10000.28575Brown/Blue/Maroon/Black
9030 Tortilla500-10000.3622Brown/Blue/Maroon/Black

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